Guys… Know When It is TMI and keep it in your mouth..!!

so i have finished my weekly internship assignment so i have a bit of time to rant n rave. today when i was coming here i was jus thinkin bout relationships. some time back my neighbor, a cool guy we hang out wit AS FRIENDS invited me for a party. him being such a friend t me asked me to even bring some friends for the thing. i quickly accepted as it ws quite a dull saturday. now with me having crazy friends, they came like a million of them! (i may b exaggerating a bit;) n finished all the little drinks the guy had prepared. i am telling you it ws a sad sight.

he actually thought something would go down that night after he has told me all about his freaky sexual encounters with a gazillion girls. (again wit the exaggerating) but it got me thinking. do guys really think that you are attractive to a girl after airing out all your dirty laundry to her??? there is another guy i have met at internship, i would think we are pretty good friends but he keeps telling me some stories about him n girls in the past n i jus dont want to hear that. now he sends me kisses n smiley faces..?? i jus think, ok now i will jus be one of those girls being talked about to the next girl. i jus dont like it. so before u open ure mouth to someone you are interested in, think!! no matter what you hear, first impressions do matter.

what are some behaviors you dont get??


hey, so i dont …

hey, so i dont really understand alot of what i do here in wordpress. no-one ever sees my blogs and so i cannot get back any feedback which sux… wats the point of having a blog if i cant see what the ‘fans’ 🙂 hav to say.. seems when i want to blog i hav to come up wit some unique name every time jus to write one. i thought the once i came up wit sheznitt (took me like 4eva seeing tht jinx ws taken:)) i know am not a technology geek n wateva but i wm determined to find out how to use this and have my voice heard!! plus sounds cool to tell pips n potential bosses that i have one.. oh yea.

sheznitt out!!

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