Guys… Know When It is TMI and keep it in your mouth..!!

so i have finished my weekly internship assignment so i have a bit of time to rant n rave. today when i was coming here i was jus thinkin bout relationships. some time back my neighbor, a cool guy we hang out wit AS FRIENDS invited me for a party. him being such a friend t me asked me to even bring some friends for the thing. i quickly accepted as it ws quite a dull saturday. now with me having crazy friends, they came like a million of them! (i may b exaggerating a bit;) n finished all the little drinks the guy had prepared. i am telling you it ws a sad sight.

he actually thought something would go down that night after he has told me all about his freaky sexual encounters with a gazillion girls. (again wit the exaggerating) but it got me thinking. do guys really think that you are attractive to a girl after airing out all your dirty laundry to her??? there is another guy i have met at internship, i would think we are pretty good friends but he keeps telling me some stories about him n girls in the past n i jus dont want to hear that. now he sends me kisses n smiley faces..?? i jus think, ok now i will jus be one of those girls being talked about to the next girl. i jus dont like it. so before u open ure mouth to someone you are interested in, think!! no matter what you hear, first impressions do matter.

what are some behaviors you dont get??


Author: Sheznitt

A 26 year old editor, social media strategist and blogger. I love to write and am happy for the opportunity to entertain and inform you through my blogs.

4 thoughts on “Guys… Know When It is TMI and keep it in your mouth..!!”

    1. haha, daz it?? we cn flirt just dont tell me about all your previous and sometimes current flings.. i think it is not a good way of flirting, unless all the guy is lookin for is an easy lay!

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