here is to little babies…

this weekend i finally spent the weekend with my lil newborn baby niece. she is sooo cute … as u cn see in the picture.. Image

she is so delicate n new, her head would wobble every time you lift her up. all she reacts to are her reflexes. like as soon as the mum holds her she would immediately start sucking on her shirt. it just got me thinking about the brain and how amazing the whole process is. i have been with my sister throughout her birthing process but i dont think anybody immediately grasps the fact that the little doll(as she looks) is what was actually growing in  there. as the first day in the hospital, i held her in my arms and she had the longest nails ever! its so weird to think her nails, hair, eyes, brain wateva ws jus developing in there. in some lets say most things we get to experience and fully appreciate because we are human, we have to give props to the big guy upstairs…

its a miracle everyday that we live..:’)


Author: Sheznitt

A 26 year old editor, social media strategist and blogger. I love to write and am happy for the opportunity to entertain and inform you through my blogs.

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