skin colour… its all in our head!!

Imagei had a very interesting night yesterday. i was hanging out with a group of Finnish ladies and obviously the topic of complexion came up. i am and always have been  a light skinned African girl (most Kikuyu’s here are) and these girls seemed amazed at my complexion. they were talking of how they rarely have any sunlight there and are usually white as snow! so when they come down to Africa, they just bask in the sun all day. they were quite tan as they have been here a while and were so amazed that our complexions were close. as in ecstatic! this was not the first time i have experienced this as with my white “special friend” has told me more than once that girls in the Netherlands would die for my complexion. then i think of here where every time when you walk down the streets of Nairobi, you must spot a dark skinned girl with white make up / powder that just makes her look nothing less than a clown!

this discovery  has just completely proved the fact that humans are insatiable! i actually think it is impossible for a person to be 100% happy with any situation there is. no matter what, we will always find faults. we must learn to appreciate what we have and stop being such brats! the black skin is beautiful and the black acts as a protection from the harshness of the African sun and the paleness.. well there just isn’t much sun up there.  knowing this i think we should try to appreciate what we have got as there will ALWAYS be someone on the other side seeing your grass as so green!!

it is hard being imperfect:/ we need to enjoy the variety in the rainbow of different colors we all posses in this world. its a gift from God.. in case we got bored..



Author: Sheznitt

A 26 year old editor, social media strategist and blogger. I love to write and am happy for the opportunity to entertain and inform you through my blogs.

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