kids dont do drugs.. just briefly in college;)


today as i was driving to work the radio played ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston and informed us how the song was played as she was leaving the church on the day of her burial. i bet she never in a million years, when she was writing that song did the thought cross her mind of being rolled out in her coffin to her greatest hit of all time!. then again maybe she did as she was a frequent cocaine and marijuana* user.being introduced to drugs by her boyfriend (Bobby Brown) years ago, the two must’ve had a good time enjoying the erotic high feeling they would get from the drugs. made her crazy enough to actually agree to be in that crazy ‘being Bobby Brown’ show. (haven’t watched many of them as don’t think they have been shown here but from the short clips i see n hear.. it must be a crazy show!)


i also recently watched the E true Hollywood story of Amy Winehouse who is another tragic case of drugs. i was shocked to learn that she was also introduced to drugs by her long time boyfriend. its so surprising to learn that these successful women were pressured into drugs by their men which eventually led to their downfall.

Imageso i am not putting the blame 100% on the men, but its just sad to see their downfall right infront of us as you can jus google and find hundreds of awful pictures of these women and just a few where they look good and those look ancient!

what i am trying to get at is if you are going to do drugs, its not fair to force or encourage it for others. do not pressure anyone to do anything that you know is wrong and could hurt someone else. i never get how some people have such a good time derailing people all the time. “ah, c’mon its not that addictive,” or “jus do it once today” “our sex will be great when we are both high” bla bla bla… when you go to jump off the cliff,(figuratively speaking) do it on your own and don’t drag anyone down with you. if you think smoking weed looks cool and you want to try it, do it on your own or find someone/group of people with similar interests.. but don’t go spoiling some body else’s child.. its not right.

sheznitt out!

*marijuana use causes deep meditation of the past, present and future (sounds real cool if you read this with a Jamaican accent.hehe)


Author: Sheznitt

A 26 year old editor, social media strategist and blogger. I love to write and am happy for the opportunity to entertain and inform you through my blogs.

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