the rain goes on but love conquers all..

hello blog world!!! its been a minute!

life is still complicated as ever.. my sister was recently affected by some bomb attacks in Nairobi and it has really rocked our world! literally!! she has been in hospital for the last three weeks and has been reduced to a walking using a walker. she has her low moments but she will get through it and i know she will emerge stronger than ever!

it just made me realize how much of a bubble most of society lives in. we live our days, complaining on what now seems to be the most minute thing. sure i understand that we cant always be depressed beings, but there is something that just isnt right. this is not how things r meant to be.

a the end of the day, we must live life to the fullest, everyday like its your last.. but we mustn’t forget the bigger picture and appreciate the fact that we are able to get up every morning and breathe. a privilege we often take for granted.

as for my sister in hospital, i know she will come out of this very tough time she is experiencing a soldier that she is! after the rain appears a beautiful rainbow to remind us of Gods love. LOVE YOU CIKU!!!Image