So the olympics r here!! cool. once again we see the worldwide family come together to enjoy sports!! i hav to say i have really njoyed watching the swimming. so proud of our Jason Dunford(kenyan- a white guy) who put the kenyan flag in the list atleast. so it really pisses me off when i hear Knyans hating on him. what have they done for our country so tht they insult the guy who is raising it up high in London??? so he didnt make it to the finals.. not with thse fast Americans there!!! but he made it to semi-finals, which was great anyway. we are proud of you Jason!! Raise the Kenyan flag even higher!!

about our other athletes.. things arent going so well as we always pocket the gold, silver and bronze.. but its fine.. we participated.

in the javelin, dude, we r jus happy you r there.lol. as for the boxing, thts really not my sport as i dont support violence, but u KICK SOME ASS!! hehe.

all, the best to all the countries involved. its a great chance to see our unity in the diversity:))Image