Mi amore


Today is the day I will ask her to marry me. Rachel is her name. She is the one for me. As I look back at my previous love affairs, she is the only one I see my future with. She has all the qualities I am attracted in. From her soft lips that curve so beautifully when she smiles, to her toes that are always manicured. I know she will be a good wife and even better wife. Much better than my mother who disowned my father and I when I was eight years old.

Rachel is nothing like her though. She takes such good care of me. I remember a time I fell sick and she brought me her flu natural remedy of honey and lime. She showered me with sweet kisses and gave me the attention that I had always craved. I don’t remember ever being so excited from being sick. That was the time I blurted out,

 “I love you.”

She smiled, touched my cheek and said “I love you too.” I couldn’t believe she felt the same.I had found the woman I will spend the rest of my life with and today I will make her mine.

The sun is shining and I am on top of the world. I will give her the ring handed down to me from my grandmother. A family heir loom that will deem her Mrs. Paul Mbuvi. The thought of it sends tingles up and down my spine.

I gather my thoughts again and continue packing for the picnic that will change both our lives forever. Sandwiches check. Her favorite white wine, check. Chocolate and strawberries to help in the after math of the proposal check. A smile comes across my face as my excitement heightens and I turn towards the clock. Eleven thirty?? I was to pick her half an hour ago!

I immediately grab the picnic bag, car keys and rush out to get my future wife. I rush through the busy streets of Nairobi and find my way to Jamhuri Estate.upon arriving I jump out of the car, ran into the house and find Raxhel lying on the couch watching television looking beautiful as ever.

“I’m so sorry mi amore, time just seemed to fly by. And..”

Rachel stands up, picks her bag and walks towards the door then turns and gives me a blank stare.

“Well.. Are we going or what?”She asks finally removing her lips from sulking. Now all I can think of is the ring in my pocket and how I can’t wait to give it to her. I cannot wait any longer. I walk up to her, get on one knee and take her right hand.

“Rachel, we love each other and you make me a better man. Will you please marry me?”I ask giving her hand a kiss.

Rachel is immediately dumbfounded and I begin to see tears welling up her eyes. She gets down on her knees to my level and gives me a tongue deep kiss that leaves me only wanting more.

 “Yes I will!” she enthusiastically replies. “But that doesn’t mean you are off the hook for being late!” she jokingly adds.


Author: Sheznitt

A 26 year old editor, social media strategist and blogger. I love to write and am happy for the opportunity to entertain and inform you through my blogs.

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