Why it is not yet time for Mandela

ImageThis is a sensitive topic and I will therefore try my best to be caring about it. My heart does go out to Mandela’s family and country as well. He truly is a great man and his legacy will live on for generations to come.

A lot of speculation is being said about the condition of Mandela and that he is already dead. The 94 year old man with a lung infection is truly on his death bed. It is so sad that the whole world is just waiting for the announcement. Many reporters and journalists are being referred to as vultures as they camp outside the hospital waiting for the announcement.

However, what would be the reason for them extending this great man’s misery and keep him on machines longer than he needs to be? I believe it is because of the Obama visit that is to come soon. Just think, if Mandela was to die, that would be the biggest news! It would overshadow Obamas visit by far. Thus forgetting the reason why he visited in the first place, which is to prove to the world that relations between Africa and the United States are good.

Well this theory is yet to be proven. Obama is currently in Tanzania then he will go down to South Africa. I f things go according to plan, Mandela should pass away some time on Saturday. This is a sad fact, however, if you watch 24, fixer or any other political drama, you must know they really hide a lot from the public.

Guess only time will tell.


Obama Snubs Kenya for poor decision making :(

President Obama has snubbed his fathers country of Kenya by not visiting it in his African visit. This is quite sad for us since as Kenyans we have always prided ourselves to the fact that we have a connection to the American President, especially the Luo tribe (his fathers specific tribe).
It has now been confirmed the reason that he is not coming to Kenya is because of the decision Kenya made to elect a president accused of crimes against humanity in the ICC. It seems President Obama really did not support this decision as he will not pass through Kenya.

Well this action may seem minor to some, however it speaks volumes. By Obama not passing by, he sends a message to international investors that the United States does not have Kenya’s back. This is the worst thing that can happen to any country, especially a developing one.

This is not the first time we have been publicly embarrassed as when Uhuru was announced as president, the United States of America, together with the United Kingdom did not congratulate us. Even when Uhuru visited the UK it is aid that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, did not shake his hand.

Well as Kenyans all we can do is live with our decision as most likely Uhuru will be President for the next 10 years!

I wish you a pleasant trip to Africa President Obama, but please forgive us for the best candidate won.

Kenyan music videos moving ahead!!

This video is called ‘kipepeo’ which means butterfly in Swahili. The artist is saying how he feels like a butterfly every time he is with his lady love. That he doesn’t walk, but he flies like a butterfly. Yeah i know, quite a cliche song but the reason why i am posting it, is because of the quality of the video. Upon seeing it the first time, I didn’t think it was Kenyan.  I love how they show the streets of Nairobi in a real positive and attractive light.

I think African (Kenyan because Nigerians are already ahead of us) music video quality is really moving ahead.
Good job!

Free Maternity.. was this a wise decision for Kenya?


As shown from the previous post, on 1st June, my lovely country  turned 50 years old since its independence in 1963. Madaraka day, as its fittingly called means freedom. We therefore fifty years ago were free from any colonization and we were free to do as we wanted. We moved from the British rulers to Jomo Kenyatta, our founding father.

50 years down the line and we are now under Uhuru Kenyatta. The so called ‘prince of Kenya’, due to the fact that he was the son of Jomo Kenyatta. as Kenyans we therefore expect change under this new governance, and change we are seeing. In Uhuru’s speech, to Kenyans one of the many changes made was free maternity care for all women.

This announcement has seemed to cause quite a stir in various homes with the question as to whether this was really the right decision. Many people believe that this decision will only encourage women to have more children!

However, I strongly disagree with this. We constantly read stories of women trapped in public hospitals unable to go home after giving birth because they cannot clear the bill. We also hear of women dying while in labor or after due to the fact that they know they cannot pay the bills and so opt to have the child at home.

I believe the decision to have free maternity care for women is a good decision.No girl will feel as though she must abort her child due to the fact that she will not be able to go to afford the hospital bill. i see Kenya moving ahead positively as we try to help all the people at the grass root levels.  I therefore salute and support the decision. Not only will we have more healthy mothers but also happy children and families,leading to a peaceful country.

June 1st: The Significance for Kenya.


June 1st marked Kenya’s Madaraka day. That is the Swahili word for independence. It was the day Kenyans were free from British colonization and we were free to rule ourselves. We therefore welcomed our first president Jomo Kenyatta with much praise and celebration. 50 years it was this recently past June 1st. The golden year. It is a great achievement and one to be celebrated by each and every Kenyan and Africa as a whole. It is a real privilege to be a Kenyan girl today and to know the freedom we enjoy today due to the fact that our forefathers tirelessly fought for us.

At times like this we look at the Kenyan flag and appreciated the color representation on it. The black for the people of the land, green for the rich vegetation that is rightly ours, red for the bloodshed in the fight for the land and white for the peace we are currently enjoying.  In my kikuyu tribe, the Mau Mau led the way and fought against the British army. I still don’t understand how they did it. Using their handmade tools and going to fight against bullets faster than the eye! They were really brave people and because of them, I can truly appreciate life and all the beauty that comes with it.

Thank you for protecting your grandchildren and fighting for our beautiful country, Kenya. I definitely can never take it for granted. 🙂