Westgate attack : Until we meet again

westgate mall attack

It is with complete sadness and regret that I write this post today. My wonderful, developing country of Kenya has been set back drastically by the disgusting Westgate Mall attack that happened over the last weekend. It was like a movie scene as the terrorists entered and killed over 60 innocent civilians and injured over 200.

This is the worst hit our country has faced since the bomb blast in 1998  but at least that ended immediately. In this case these guys have taken an unknown number of hostages and sporadically shooting out their issues. So unlike the movies we watch with a happy ending, these are serious killers with no fear of death.

The most terrifying thing of all was that I was supposed to be at the mall. My job had an activation there to promote our online shopping site (this should be the best bet for us since no more malls! www.jumia.co.ke )however I had opted not to go. I don’t even think my family can deal with another Kenyan terrorist attack like the one we faced last year that my sister was involved in.  Although  my fellow workmates were there and had to experience the nightmare.

It sends chills down my spine to know what could have happened had I been there. Just one decision in your life can kill you or save you. My friends opted to hide under the table which was the best option because all the people around them were shot dead. My other colleague was shot twice and left for dead. However, the bullets didn’t hit any major organs and so he had to pretend he was dead for four hours! Can you believe lying amongst dead people on the cold floor as you slowly loose blood? The attackers would walk by as he bled in a pool of corpses.

With all the various horror stories flooding our media and heads, so many questions come up. What really happened to the hostages? When will there next attack be? Will this ever end?

I send my hearts out to all the families affected. You will be comforted through this and have faith your loved one is asleep in peace ready to be awoken one day.