Change Is Underway










Time has come and passed, various events happening. I wanted to find a specific theme for my blog so as to have uniform information. I have thought of fashion, as my last few jobs have all been about fashion. I also do love fashion. Always enjoyed getting dressed up and looking amazing. The thing with clothes, they give you a whole new feel. If you were feeling like crap, feeling insecure about your waist less figure, you can just gather up a cute dress add a belt to it, and voila! You have a waist and new found self-confidence.

I have also thought about hair. I am a recent recruit of the natural hair movement. Where us African sisters have decided to embrace our natural locks and rock them! I have been doing it for over 2 years and I love it. The new found freedom I have with my hair is amazing. Never as an African girl did I think I would enjoy putting my hair in water. Water plus hair was a complete disaster! However, nowadays, it isn’t a big deal actually if it starts raining and I see ladies with newly retouched hair scrambling for the nearest shelter, I feel proud of my decision.

I am also torn with the topic of relationships. Not that I am any expert or anything on the matter. However there always is something to be said about love. You have to understand, when I speak of relationships, it is not only something to do with boy and girl. It has to do with all new relationships. From mother and child to sister and brother to friends. These are all relationships that we are in and need in order to survive.

In the end, I have decided to keep my blog a open flowing river between all that life has to offer. From love to fashion to hair to politics. These are all aspects of my life and would love to keep sharing with all of you. So despite the chaos that is Sheznitt, do cope with me. I am a book with various chapters, who knows, I might one day decide the main topic of the blog. But for now., keep up with me.