Top 10 Fashion Looks at the 2014 Emmy Awards

I had to catch up with the latest award ceremony everybody is talking about, the Emmy’s!! Well as usual I was keen to look at the fashion choices of most of the celebrities since well that is what being a celebrity is all about. We sit at home in our jammies as we watch you all glammed up having dinner in a beautiful hall. The Emmy’s are quite mature as compared to other awards (MTV) with little performances and big names. I liked it this year with Seth Meyers as the host. He brought along with him many of his SNL co-stars which made the event entertaining.

So here is the list of the top 10 noteworthy fashion looks on the Emmy Red carpet:

  1. Sophia Vergara

She did it again. This bombshell worked the runway and stage. She knows shes got it and this volumptuous lady stood on stage and looked like a white award. She looked amazing.












2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

She may not have had the most skin-baring dress of the night (kudos, Lizzy Caplan). But Julia Louis-Dreyfus was extraordinary in a raspberry Carolina Herrera gown that showed off her shoulders — and how to look spectacular at 53.












3. Lena Dunham

Hmm.. where to begin. Lena we know you are fun and quirky but this dress is ridiculous. It seems she really does love to stand out as she also has some unusual tats. Her hair was the best thing in her look.












4. Laverne Cox

His sorry her first time to the Emmy’s and she looked amazing. The low cut dress showed all her assets although the broadness of the shoulders is unique. Not bad.












  1. Kaley Cuoco

This hot pink Monique Lhuillier floral dress is attention grabbing. I think the fit of the corset top could’ve been better but she looks good anyway. Love the short hair on her. Agree?












6. Claire Danes

I know I am behind but I have just gotten onto the Homeland bandwagon. This show is butt clenching, just how I like them. I therefore had to put this amazing actor on this list. Having missed the award, I felt she needed a win.










7. Halle Berry

Like seriously how old is this woman. I seriously believe she has the secret to everlasting youth. Halle looked stunning in this pink Elie Saab silk chiffon gown.












8. Kerry Washington

Did she just have a baby? Being an avid fan I am ready for the nest season of Scandal. When is it going to be out? Anyway, she looked good in this body hugging orange Prada. But don’t get too skinny Kerry, us African girls need some meat on their bones. And you are married to a Nigerian man, right?












9. Matthew Mcconaughey and Camila Alves

This sexy couple looked amazing. This twosome must have the steamiest sex and I can wait to see the children produced from this sexy union. You go guys, giving you about 2 more years together.












10. Viola Davis

I just loved the turquoise color of the dress against her dark chocolate skin. 10/10. However, we need the African natural hair back, the weaves are not doing it for her anymore.












Any comments or other people you would have liked to see on the list? Comment below.

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Top 10 Noteworthy Looks at the 2014 MTV Music Awards

The MTV music awards happened on 24th August and they were awesome!! The entertainment did not disappoint and the fashion style we saw there, well, I just had to blog on it. Here it goes;

1. Miley Cyrus

Who  knew she still had it in her? After news broke that Miley will be attending this year’s MTV VMAs, a lot of people started wondering whether she was going to pull the same stunt as last year. Interestingly, she didn’t. In fact, Miley hit the red carpet on Sunday looking rather decent in an all-black ensemble consisting of a black leather bandeau worn with black leather high-waist harem pants.


Miley Cyrus cleaned up real nice in this decent leather jumpsuit at the awards. The girl also showed her humanitarian side by sending out a tribute message to all the homeless people. Keep it up girl!

  1. Kim Kardashian West

The busty lady showed off her cleavage and more in her a low-cut printed dress. I would give her an ok for this look. It didn’t really have any wow factor and was quite casual. However her bust landed her on this list.


  1. Taylor Swift

Her romper look left me quite confused. I don’t know whether to like it or hate it. It seemed to be a bit small for her but thanks to her 100% white figure, her little bum didn’t leave many uncomfortable. Her look made her look like a big baby waiting for the remaining part of the romper to be completed. Perhaps it was the baby blue color that wasn’t exciting. Try our some edge Taylor, talk to Miley.

  1. Amber Rose

Tsk tsk. Well she wanted the attention and she has gotten it. This mother decided to come dresses in chains. Her look left little to the imagination and well, here was Amber Rose’s outfit.


  1. Lorde

The Royals singer came dressed in a rock gothic jumpsuit. Fashion is about taking risks. And when one wears something as bold as this, you either hate it or love it — there’s usually never an in between feeling. I didn’t really like it.


  1. Jennifer Lopez

Dayuumm!! As soon as she appeared on the scene to present an award we were all wide awake! She looked amazing in this silver dress. It hugged her in all the right places, leaving enough to the imagination. Love IT!

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

  1. Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks

I didn’t even know these two were an item until these awards. They looked super adorable in their matching white outfits. Congratulations!!


  1. Iggy Azalea

First off, I would like to big up to this young lady. I googled her life story and she is a real hustler. From the shores of Australia, she quite school and headed to the US in hopes of becoming a rapper. With her determination she has made it! Love the track with T.I mediocre. She also looked sizzling at the MTV music awards.


  1. Ed Sheeran

His look was quite okay but I have put him on this list just to show how unfair guys behave at times. I mean this is a whole award ceremony, fashion designers have been planning for this event, trying to get the right people to wear their clothes, however, he decided to go so casual. He looked ready for a night out with the boys or a pizza run and not an award ceremony.


10. Blue Ivy

I had to mention this little youngster due to the hate I have seen going on in the web. I can’t believe people, especially women can hate on a small baby! How can you judge a small infant on her hair?? I mean really can you be that shallow. Anyway I think she looked adorable on her daddy’s arms in her gold outfit, matching bow and pink sunglasses. Bellisimo!


Any other looks you liked and would like to see on the list? Comment below.

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Nicki Minaj Anaconda Video Insulting To Skinny Women?

Nicki Minaj Anaconda video cuts trends in telling women to get big butts.


Have you seen the new Nicki Minaj Anaconda video. Damn, that video is… interesting to say the least.

I really have no problem with people and how they decide to express their creativity. It actually takes real guts and commitment to take on stand and show it to the world. The fashion in the Anaconda video is amazing. The fashion choices really embody 2014 fashion. It is gutsy and sexy.


The jungle theme is amazing and relevant since she is talking about guys and what their anacondas want. the tune is catchy but i think that is so because of the original ‘big butt’ song it originates with. The lines dropped by Nicki Minaj are hot and she is sure to remind us why she is the number one female rapper. Howerver, Iggy Azalea is moving up quick, without the outlandish stunts. This video is sure to increase her male following as she has definitely given them what they like, butts!

nicki minaj gives drake a lap dance in anaconda video

However, their is a line between entertaining and being straight up insulting. The idea of the song is to attack skinny girls who do not have ‘ass’. She sidelines them to the point of insinuating that if you don’t have an ass, guys will not be interested in you. I mean, who is she to judge if her ass is fake anyhow. The whole chorus of the song is designed to make our thinking shallow and one sided.

My anaconda don’t want nun unless you have buns hun

One thing about ass is that we all got one. From skinny white girls to bootylicious black women. We all have ass. I think she could have been a little bit less harsh especially for people in a case where they have a, shall i say cardboard ass. I do know she’s a ‘bad bitch’ and can say whatever she wants but c’mon Nicki, you know you are a petite girl anyway.

So my message in this blog would be, girls, don’t take to heart what these so called role models say/rap. The fact whether you have a big butt or not has very little to do with finding or keeping a guy.  If you think that is what will make you get one, you are very wrong. Stay true to yourself and don’t let the shallow thinking of today’s entertainment industry sway you. It is all about confidence.


The song is really catchy tho 🙂

Do you agree or disagree with me? Comment below.