Nicki Minaj Anaconda Video Insulting To Skinny Women?

Nicki Minaj Anaconda video cuts trends in telling women to get big butts.



Have you seen the new Nicki Minaj Anaconda video. Damn, that video is… interesting to say the least.

I really have no problem with people and how they decide to express their creativity. It actually takes real guts and commitment to take on stand and show it to the world. The fashion in the Anaconda video is amazing. The fashion choices really embody 2014 fashion. It is gutsy and sexy.


The jungle theme is amazing and relevant since she is talking about guys and what their anacondas want. the tune is catchy but i think that is so because of the original ‘big butt’ song it originates with. The lines dropped by Nicki Minaj are hot and she is sure to remind us why she is the number one female rapper. Howerver, Iggy Azalea is moving up quick, without the outlandish stunts. This video is sure to increase her male following as she has definitely given them what they like, butts!

nicki minaj gives drake a lap dance in anaconda video

However, their is a line between entertaining and being straight up insulting. The idea of the song is to attack skinny girls who do not have ‘ass’. She sidelines them to the point of insinuating that if you don’t have an ass, guys will not be interested in you. I mean, who is she to judge if her ass is fake anyhow. The whole chorus of the song is designed to make our thinking shallow and one sided.

My anaconda don’t want nun unless you have buns hun

One thing about ass is that we all got one. From skinny white girls to bootylicious black women. We all have ass. I think she could have been a little bit less harsh especially for people in a case where they have a, shall i say cardboard ass. I do know she’s a ‘bad bitch’ and can say whatever she wants but c’mon Nicki, you know you are a petite girl anyway.

So my message in this blog would be, girls, don’t take to heart what these so called role models say/rap. The fact whether you have a big butt or not has very little to do with finding or keeping a guy.  If you think that is what will make you get one, you are very wrong. Stay true to yourself and don’t let the shallow thinking of today’s entertainment industry sway you. It is all about confidence.


The song is really catchy tho 🙂

Do you agree or disagree with me? Comment below.

Author: Sheznitt

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