Top 10 Fashion Looks at the 2014 Emmy Awards

I had to catch up with the latest award ceremony everybody is talking about, the Emmy’s!! Well as usual I was keen to look at the fashion choices of most of the celebrities since well that is what being a celebrity is all about. We sit at home in our jammies as we watch you all glammed up having dinner in a beautiful hall. The Emmy’s are quite mature as compared to other awards (MTV) with little performances and big names. I liked it this year with Seth Meyers as the host. He brought along with him many of his SNL co-stars which made the event entertaining.

So here is the list of the top 10 noteworthy fashion looks on the Emmy Red carpet:

  1. Sophia Vergara

She did it again. This bombshell worked the runway and stage. She knows shes got it and this volumptuous lady stood on stage and looked like a white award. She looked amazing.












2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

She may not have had the most skin-baring dress of the night (kudos, Lizzy Caplan). But Julia Louis-Dreyfus was extraordinary in a raspberry Carolina Herrera gown that showed off her shoulders — and how to look spectacular at 53.












3. Lena Dunham

Hmm.. where to begin. Lena we know you are fun and quirky but this dress is ridiculous. It seems she really does love to stand out as she also has some unusual tats. Her hair was the best thing in her look.












4. Laverne Cox

His sorry her first time to the Emmy’s and she looked amazing. The low cut dress showed all her assets although the broadness of the shoulders is unique. Not bad.












  1. Kaley Cuoco

This hot pink Monique Lhuillier floral dress is attention grabbing. I think the fit of the corset top could’ve been better but she looks good anyway. Love the short hair on her. Agree?












6. Claire Danes

I know I am behind but I have just gotten onto the Homeland bandwagon. This show is butt clenching, just how I like them. I therefore had to put this amazing actor on this list. Having missed the award, I felt she needed a win.










7. Halle Berry

Like seriously how old is this woman. I seriously believe she has the secret to everlasting youth. Halle looked stunning in this pink Elie Saab silk chiffon gown.












8. Kerry Washington

Did she just have a baby? Being an avid fan I am ready for the nest season of Scandal. When is it going to be out? Anyway, she looked good in this body hugging orange Prada. But don’t get too skinny Kerry, us African girls need some meat on their bones. And you are married to a Nigerian man, right?












9. Matthew Mcconaughey and Camila Alves

This sexy couple looked amazing. This twosome must have the steamiest sex and I can wait to see the children produced from this sexy union. You go guys, giving you about 2 more years together.












10. Viola Davis

I just loved the turquoise color of the dress against her dark chocolate skin. 10/10. However, we need the African natural hair back, the weaves are not doing it for her anymore.












Any comments or other people you would have liked to see on the list? Comment below.

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