The Real Kenyan Fashionistas

I have wanted to do a collection of Kenyan fashionistas for a while now, but I don’t want to put anybody there just because they have tried so hard to be in the limelight. My top 10 Kenyan fashionistas are classy and stylish  with no naked or half naked pics of them making waves on the internet, well at least not yet. I love edgy and trendy fashion so if you are abroad and want to know if fashion in Kenya is trendy, sit back and see Kenya’s hot fashion ladies;

Anabelle onyango

This sexy lass is smart as well as sexy. With a Bachelor’s degree in Environment & Resource Studies and a Master’s in English, nobody can hold her down! She also has a blog named dressupnation and begun her awesome career in magazine editing in True Love. Wow, she is 100% my mentor, nothing but the sky is the limit for you girl!












Miss mandi

We were in primary with her and big up to her for making it! Now a presenter at capital FM she is making waves with her promising future. All the best miss Mandi.












Lillian muli

She is one of the most watched news anchors in Kenya,  having been in the business for a while now, she is a name every Kenyan knows. With her swaying hips and always perfect make-up and hair, she makes it to my list.:)













I love this talented young ladies style. She is true to herself and produces amazing African music. Having been with her in uni, she is down to earth and up for a good time. Get her latest album, Fenamenal.












Pinky Ghelani

Back in the day Pinky was the ultimate voice of radio. Her sweet voice on Capital FM represented all that radio was, well for some. The former Miss India Kenya, now wife and mother still looks good if you spot her anywhere.












Brenda Wairimu

My former USIU alumni. What can I say apart from keep it up. Her acting gigs keep increasing, from Changing Times to Mali to Kona, you just can’t keep a good girl down.













This cool Kenyan girl raised in Norway is far from what you would expect if you read her story. She is down to earth and hella cool in her rhymes. She has some amazing style and can always be  seen spotting some fresh African styles. Try out Riri African Design girl!












Sarah Hassan

Tanya, sorry, Sarah is a talented actor, host and socialite, being at every party that needs mentioning. When she is there, be sure you will notice her swaying hips and beautiful fashion choices.













Victoria kimani

Firstly, did you know she was Bamboo’s sister?? What an interesting family get togethers they must have. Victoria’s style is edgy and new. Her killer fashion sense leaves fans wanting more. Follow her Instagram, you will constantly be entertained.












Lupita Nyong’o

I remember when I first saw her on Shuga. She played a loose chick on the prowl for rich men. I didn’t think much of her, in fact, I actually believed she was a whore. Little did I know it was her acting skills that were so good. I am quite surprised and happy for her for all the fame she has acquired. To top it all, she has some good fashion sense. Keep it turquoise girl!












Do you agree with this list? Anybody else you would have wanted to see?

Keep it sheznitt to see the top Kenyan fashion guys.

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Author: Sheznitt

A 26 year old editor, social media strategist and blogger. I love to write and am happy for the opportunity to entertain and inform you through my blogs.

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