Elani New Video ‘Zuzu’ Not Up To Par











I love this Kenyan music group. If you want to listen to some real talented youngsters, then have a listen to Elani. The trio have been releasing hit after hit and they are on a serious role. Today they release this new video, Zuzu (remix), signaling their one year of amazing hits.

According to my understanding, Zuzu is being used to refer to a certain person who confuses you. The love of your life who completely led you on. You gave your all to him/her and in the end they leave. If you have lived any type of an interesting life, you have experienced this sort of thing. Elani are now asking why their love left them and where they went., oh dear Zuzu.

I think the song is ok and definitely not as good as their previous hits. The story line is ok but nothing we havn’t heard before, alot. The video  is really not much to write home about. The thing that makes their videos so interesting to Kenyan youths was the fact that they showcase the Kenyan culture and lifestyle in a fun and edgy way. Apart from the usual guitar pulling sounds in the background found in any Ogopa Deejays song, the video doesnt really have a unique or Kenyan feel to it. Elani have produced amazing songs and their videos are no different.

So, Elani, get back to the kookoo creative thinking. Show us the streets and people of Kenya and the  and the Hapo Zamani gripping story line. That’s what made Kenyan youth fall in love with you and your music in the first place.  I know you still have it in you! Can’t wait for your next hit!!

Elani in the ‘Kookoo’ video walking on Nairobi Streets.










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