Westgate Documentary: A Perfect Summary

Having just watched this moving documentary I feel it is important for me to share. I cant believe it is already a year since that fateful day. I think most Kenyans can remember where they were when they heard the news. I was at work, on a Saturday eager to leave and begin enjoying the Saturday. Our company had a stand there and when it happened one of my colleagues called so as to warn nobody else not to go to Westgate (something that I had planned to do only that I had a hangover). The rest of the day was downhill from there. I am happy to say that at least we did not lose any of our colleagues but it does send shivers down my spine to even imagine it. So many Kenyans knew somebody or was somehow affected by the events of that day. See my post on it here.

This day is dark to Kenyans and this documentary perfectly captured the stories of the people who experienced it. From a mother of an 8 month old to the workers at Nakumatt, the stories will truly touch every person and cause them to think.The actions by our Kenyan police and military was shameful, with them letting ordinary citizens go in and show them how to do their job, is a complete disgrace and the documentary doesn’t hide that fact and you can see for yourself. For those few men who fearlessly ran in, that action was truly phenomenal and God in action.

It is also confusing to know that as Kenyans we were riddled in fear for over 3 days! According to this documentary, the people were killed by an explosion sent out by the police. We had come to the conclusion that those terrorists were out of there by 9 pm.Whatever it was, they were calm and ready for whatever that was coming next.

Anyway I think we must remember that today’s world is not the same as 10 years ago. we are scanned even when we enter arcades and it will not get any better. My message to my fellow Kenyans, and even internationally, would be, keep low and stay indoors, for they are waiting for us to relax then they strike!

Again my heart goes out to all of the victims of that dark day.

Here it is, watch at your own discretion..

Have you learned something new? Did it stir up emotions in you? I would love to hear from you! Comment below.


Author: Sheznitt

A 26 year old editor, social media strategist and blogger. I love to write and am happy for the opportunity to entertain and inform you through my blogs.

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