5 Shocking Celebrity Break-ups of September 2014


  1. Wiz khalifa and Amber Rose











*EYE ROLL* after one year of marriage and one child, this 2 have called it splits. Amber cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the couple’s split, according to TMZ. Amber wants full legal and physical custody of their son, Sebastian, 1, but she will allow Wiz to have visitation rights. If I was to give my 2 cents, I think she got what she wanted from him, a child. Now for at least 18 years she is sorted.

Watch him here jumping for joy hours before the news of their break up got out>>>

  1. Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo









Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo have split. According to E! News, their breakup was mutual, but they still care very deeply for each other and will remain in each other lives as friends. Perhaps Jason saw some big booties and just kept wondering how they got in the jeans. WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE.

  1. Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez











First off, what??!! I didn’t even know these two were a pair. But it is Zac and if I was in Hollywood I would track him down! Anyway it seems no longer are they a pair. Zac, holla at sheznitt 😉

4.      Future and Ciara


I am quite disappointed in this pair. She just gave birth to a baby boy and they have already called it quits?? Ciara allegedly discovered that Future had been having an affair with his stylist. Really when she is sitted at home breastfeeding your child. Anyway guys, Ciara is back, maybe after 2 years when her son is abit older though. Anyway Ciara, all the best girl, you will find somebody better.

5.     Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey


After TMZ broke the story, Nick Cannon quickly confirmed there was “trouble in paradise” and that the couple had been living apart. I am not at all surprised at this as I think Mariah is a complete DIVA! She must be very hard to live with. Anyway I think she got all she wanted from the union, babies. Will Nick still survive on Real Husbands of Hollywood now? Let’s see. The bigger question however, what will he do with the huge tattoo on his back??












Did any of these celebrity break ups shock you? Comment below.


Till next time, take care :*


Author: Sheznitt

A 26 year old editor, social media strategist and blogger. I love to write and am happy for the opportunity to entertain and inform you through my blogs.

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