Friday is the Best Day To Bank

The feeling is relaxed and the mood is excited. The ladies are dressed in their short mini’s and the men have their ties loosened up.


Everyone can smell the weekend and if your lucky, the sun is shining. My journey to the bank today is to apply for a car loan. Oh yes, you read me right! I want to get a car.. yeah! Well, Kenya has kinda pushed many people to this move. They have increased the tax for any cars coming into the country. So imagine, if you are interested in buying a Toyota Vitz, which is normally Ksh. 650,000 for a new model (second hand really) you now just add a whole Ksh. 200,000 to that! that is now Ksh. 850,000!!

For a middle class girl, trying to make it, that 800gees is ALOT! then you have to include the insurance, fixing the car and all the other expenses. Therefore i have come to the decision of getting a car at this point. Seeing as I have been aiming at saving the Ksh, 600000 th last 2 years. If i wait again to get 800,000, i will be saving all my life!

And so, I have come to my bank, Chase to ask for  loan. An “unsecured loan” to be exact. This words have been drilled into my head by my boyfriend to make sure there are no mistakes when i get there. This is the first time I am undertaking a venture like this. I mostly use my bank just for keeping my money. Using the ATM whenever I need the cash, but now, I am actually using their services. I feel so mature:)

I speak to the lady an she advises me on the best options and ways to get my loan

PS: Interest rates have increased! The Central Bank of Kenya have increased them. What causes these changes, could anyone enlighten me?

I was ready to spend my whole morning in the bank, however, I am actually one quite fast. The bank was quick to answer any of my queries and I am on my way to work much earlier than I wanted.

I am now on my way to becoming a car owner 😀

Friday’s are definitely the best day to go to the bank.