I Love Netflix!!

If you keep your ear to the streets, then you know that Netflix is now in Kenya.

I am super excited about this, as I have always love Netflix shows. For example, Orange is the new Black, Archer and Blue Mountain State.  Next to HBO, I am always sure not to get disappointed with their productions. So when I hear that they had opened their site in Kenya, i thought it was awesome an  I had to see it for myself.

I was excited to learn that their prices werent so high as we have always expected with Americam TV. Their offers run from $5 to $9. I choose the $7 which is about Ksh. 1000 a month. Not too bad. I quickly sign up and begin watching.

I get so excited to see all the various shows. From Weeds, Narcos, Archer and new shows I didn’t even know about; Marco Polo, Beast of a Nation and Master if None. First thing I am watching is Narcos, even though the subtitles are exhausting, I have to find out about Pablo Escobar.

I have been using it for the past week. Here are some of the pros and cons of Netflix;


  • Latest shows
  • Money reaches the actual creators of the shows
  • Always good copies in HD
  • can watch on phone


  • Must have high speed internet, preferably WiFi
  • You will not find all the shows you expect

I cannot think of any other cons, can you? Tell me whatever they can be below.

So if you haven’t yet gotten Netflix, I recommend that you do, and quite pirating things!!


New Years In South Coast!!!!

My friends and I planned an amazing 6 night trip to Diani. This was going to be the best new years for me in a loong time. With Jovago, we booke our stay at Ritam Getawayy. The cottages are located in Ukunda, abit far from all the action in Diani, however, we had rented a car for our stay. We decided to travel at night so as to avoid traffic.We left Nairobi at midnight and arrived a Mombasa at 9 am 30th December.

The hotel had amazing little cottages that we each stayed in. The decor was amazing and the environment very relaxing.


New Years

For our new yes, I pictured it on the beach. No matter the party, it had to be on the beach. I completely adore the beach. the feel of the sand between your feet and the warm wind against your skin, just melts away any stress you may have.

So we all planned to have it in forty thieves.


We made into the place by 12 am!! Happy new year!! 2016 here we come!

Marine Park

Another activity that you must do while on the beach is visit the marine park. A few kilometers from the shore, is the park. There you actually swim with the fish. The experience was truly unforgettable.


We were then taken to an island in the middle of the ocean. We quickly wrote our names in the sand 🙂

Shout out

My Sony Xperia Z1 Before I conclude this blog, i must mention my phone. I enjoyed my time taking underwater photos i  the pool. Although i wasnt able to do it in the ocean, the thought of it slipping through my hands into the vast depths of the ocean was too much for me to imagine. However, in the pool, i had alot of fun.


That was my new year for 2016. Take me back!!

How was your new years??




My Weekend In Nanyuki

The weekend of 11th – 13th  Decemeber 2015 was completely awesome. I turned 26 and to mark this major turn in my life, I decided to head for Nanyuki with my boyfriend.

We had the whole weekend planned to stay in a hotel named Leisure Gardens, all thanks to this amazing site we discovered Jovago. (This site is amazing, you can search the location you want to go an it has various hotels. Even better is that there is a discount for first time users:)

I got out work abit early on Friday so as to be able to hit the road and make it in time. Nanyuki is about 3 hours drive from Nairobi so together with Chebet (the name my boyfriend named his Subaru WRX) we were on our way!


The festive season is just about to begin so the police checks on the way are numerous. The fact that we were in a flashy Subaru dint help us either. We spend about three hundred shillings paying police men who requested to get something for ‘sikukuu’. It was outright bullying, however, that’s just how life is when you live in a corruption driven country.

We finally arrived at our destination at around 7 pm. We arrived and got into our hut. I name it that as it was exactly like a hut, everything in one room, and i mean everything!! This was going to be the weekend where there would be no more secrets between my boyfriend and I.

After unpacking, we headed to the restaurant and had some dinner and drinks.The next morning we were read to go around the town. After our breakfast, we headed out.

One of the coolest spots you must stop by is Sportsmans Arms. They have the discoteque, restaurant and pool. All the things you need to enjoy yourself in Kenya.

Here we had quite a number of drinks, and had a great time. It was quite hilarious to note that we blacked out at midnight! Age is really catching up with me! If it was 5 years ago, we would’ve partied till the break of dawn!!

On Sunday, we had our breakfast and enjoyed playing some pool and hiking in Leisure Gardens and after that hit the road back home.

I would like to thank Tim for an amazing weekend and Jovago, none of it would have been possible without your awesome offers.



Friday is the Best Day To Bank

The feeling is relaxed and the mood is excited. The ladies are dressed in their short mini’s and the men have their ties loosened up.


Everyone can smell the weekend and if your lucky, the sun is shining. My journey to the bank today is to apply for a car loan. Oh yes, you read me right! I want to get a car.. yeah! Well, Kenya has kinda pushed many people to this move. They have increased the tax for any cars coming into the country. So imagine, if you are interested in buying a Toyota Vitz, which is normally Ksh. 650,000 for a new model (second hand really) you now just add a whole Ksh. 200,000 to that! that is now Ksh. 850,000!!

For a middle class girl, trying to make it, that 800gees is ALOT! then you have to include the insurance, fixing the car and all the other expenses. Therefore i have come to the decision of getting a car at this point. Seeing as I have been aiming at saving the Ksh, 600000 th last 2 years. If i wait again to get 800,000, i will be saving all my life!

And so, I have come to my bank, Chase to ask for  loan. An “unsecured loan” to be exact. This words have been drilled into my head by my boyfriend to make sure there are no mistakes when i get there. This is the first time I am undertaking a venture like this. I mostly use my bank just for keeping my money. Using the ATM whenever I need the cash, but now, I am actually using their services. I feel so mature:)

I speak to the lady an she advises me on the best options and ways to get my loan

PS: Interest rates have increased! The Central Bank of Kenya have increased them. What causes these changes, could anyone enlighten me?

I was ready to spend my whole morning in the bank, however, I am actually one quite fast. The bank was quick to answer any of my queries and I am on my way to work much earlier than I wanted.

I am now on my way to becoming a car owner 😀

Friday’s are definitely the best day to go to the bank.








Kenyan Gay Movie To Be Released

Stories of our lives   being gay in Kenya   The National   CBC Player

I have just watched this interview between these three openly gay Kenyans and I am in awe. The guts and commitment it has taken them to step up and speak out this issue is brave to say the least.

The movie, ‘Story of our lives’ seems like it can be really interesting and is a nominee in the Toronto Film Festival. I know of many people who have been gay from high school and are still hiding it. This movie now tells of their stories.

Well I personally am no homosexual enthusiast however I do commend these three young people for doing what many people fear to. Also achieving what film making is all about, persuading, informing and entertaining the society.

I would want to watch this film and wish this trio the best in their endeavors. Check out their interview here.


Westgate Documentary: A Perfect Summary

Having just watched this moving documentary I feel it is important for me to share. I cant believe it is already a year since that fateful day. I think most Kenyans can remember where they were when they heard the news. I was at work, on a Saturday eager to leave and begin enjoying the Saturday. Our company had a stand there and when it happened one of my colleagues called so as to warn nobody else not to go to Westgate (something that I had planned to do only that I had a hangover). The rest of the day was downhill from there. I am happy to say that at least we did not lose any of our colleagues but it does send shivers down my spine to even imagine it. So many Kenyans knew somebody or was somehow affected by the events of that day. See my post on it here.

This day is dark to Kenyans and this documentary perfectly captured the stories of the people who experienced it. From a mother of an 8 month old to the workers at Nakumatt, the stories will truly touch every person and cause them to think.The actions by our Kenyan police and military was shameful, with them letting ordinary citizens go in and show them how to do their job, is a complete disgrace and the documentary doesn’t hide that fact and you can see for yourself. For those few men who fearlessly ran in, that action was truly phenomenal and God in action.

It is also confusing to know that as Kenyans we were riddled in fear for over 3 days! According to this documentary, the people were killed by an explosion sent out by the police. We had come to the conclusion that those terrorists were out of there by 9 pm.Whatever it was, they were calm and ready for whatever that was coming next.

Anyway I think we must remember that today’s world is not the same as 10 years ago. we are scanned even when we enter arcades and it will not get any better. My message to my fellow Kenyans, and even internationally, would be, keep low and stay indoors, for they are waiting for us to relax then they strike!

Again my heart goes out to all of the victims of that dark day.

Here it is, watch at your own discretion..

Have you learned something new? Did it stir up emotions in you? I would love to hear from you! Comment below.

Elani New Video ‘Zuzu’ Not Up To Par











I love this Kenyan music group. If you want to listen to some real talented youngsters, then have a listen to Elani. The trio have been releasing hit after hit and they are on a serious role. Today they release this new video, Zuzu (remix), signaling their one year of amazing hits.

According to my understanding, Zuzu is being used to refer to a certain person who confuses you. The love of your life who completely led you on. You gave your all to him/her and in the end they leave. If you have lived any type of an interesting life, you have experienced this sort of thing. Elani are now asking why their love left them and where they went., oh dear Zuzu.

I think the song is ok and definitely not as good as their previous hits. The story line is ok but nothing we havn’t heard before, alot. The video  is really not much to write home about. The thing that makes their videos so interesting to Kenyan youths was the fact that they showcase the Kenyan culture and lifestyle in a fun and edgy way. Apart from the usual guitar pulling sounds in the background found in any Ogopa Deejays song, the video doesnt really have a unique or Kenyan feel to it. Elani have produced amazing songs and their videos are no different.

So, Elani, get back to the kookoo creative thinking. Show us the streets and people of Kenya and the  and the Hapo Zamani gripping story line. That’s what made Kenyan youth fall in love with you and your music in the first place.  I know you still have it in you! Can’t wait for your next hit!!

Elani in the ‘Kookoo’ video walking on Nairobi Streets.










Till next time, take care :*