Is incest normal???

I am currently watching a series called Billy and Billie, its quite weird as it centers around a step sibling couple. They try their best to show us how in love they are and yet they were raised together when their parents found love.

They were in their preteen years. Well call me old fashioned but i dont think thats normal.  They both call their parents ‘mum and ‘dad’ while they both harboured sexual feeling for each other. That is some weirdo shit. Then i also watched a British show called ‘Him’ which is also circling around that plot. The mother remarrys and her new husband has a daughter about the same age as her son. Like any normal hormone raging boy, he develops a crush on her.
Cant help but think of my own situation.  i am currently about to have a child on my own. The inevitable will definitely happen where  myself and/or my babys father will move on. I will get an amazing man. Mature and responsible, confident enough to love me and my child.
However, what if he has a child of his own? What if they are close in age? What if they develop a crush on each other?? 😷

Then i begun telling myself, well, i just have to make sure he doesnt have any children. But is this fair to him? I already have a small selection of men to pick from and now one who wont have any strings attached??! Is it fair that i expect to be loved with my child but i cannot accept one who has one?

Well, being a parent as i learn each day is definitely riddles with many  dilemmas, questions and sacrifices.

Do you know of any step sibling couples? Are you in one?  Do you think it is normal for step siblings to find love? Share your thoughts.


The End

I met him while our eyes were innocent
We kissed while our lips were still plump
We hugged when our arms were so strong
And we laughed like none could do wrong

But soon the excitement faded
The good times felt bleak
Love became downgraded
No longer something i wanted to seek

His words changed in tone
And his eyes darker by the day
He received more attention than he had known
And he loved it in every way

The smiles and memories all seemed ro fade away
The love we once had became so distant
And just like the times we live in now,
We were facing the end.

Now i loathe all the time wasted on something that wasn’t taken seriously
I cry for my wounded heart
And i pray for guidance on this new path

I had forgotten how it feels to be alone
Relying on somebody else for my own happiness
Though come to think of it
I couldve been alone all along…

confessions of a commitment phobe!


so m feeling all romantic today.. could be due to this boy i have been seeing for the last… cant believe almost a year! he really rocks my world.. tho this is the only place i will EVER admit that he is a Dutchman come to work in Kenya.. temporarily…..??

honestly speaking, i have never felt this way about anyone before, probably because i never let anybody in (thus calling myself a commitment phobe..;)) but i always believed that  when the right person comes by they would automatically fall. well i am still on the journey of completely letting my walls down but i cant help but feel scared as hell to do so. what if i give him my all then he goes back home and i am just some conquest he had ..and enjoyed, in Africa? what if i catch him in bed with a girl? what if hes a closeted gay??l what if our worlds are too different for us to handle? he goes to a different church than me..?? what if he doesnt feel the same way? but then when i look into his eyes, and we kiss.. i just… don’t want to think but just be.. with him… for the moment.  never did i ever think i would be looking up mushy quotes so that i can feel as though i am not the only one to feel this way. but i need to confess something to him…