Week 18

I am starting to feel you more and more everyday.
I have told my immediate family members and they are excited as ever to meet you
Curious to know your sex 😜

I have begun taking vitamins and i hope this will only help you get bigger and stronger
I want to make sure to stay fit so as to make sure you get out as fast as possible (make it easier for both of us)
I get excited to feel u move everyday
You move alot especially when am driving on a bumpy road, do you think am playing with you 😜

I hope i will be able to make your life worth it
Coz life is amazing as long as you make the right decisions.



Change Is Underway










Time has come and passed, various events happening. I wanted to find a specific theme for my blog so as to have uniform information. I have thought of fashion, as my last few jobs have all been about fashion. I also do love fashion. Always enjoyed getting dressed up and looking amazing. The thing with clothes, they give you a whole new feel. If you were feeling like crap, feeling insecure about your waist less figure, you can just gather up a cute dress add a belt to it, and voila! You have a waist and new found self-confidence.

I have also thought about hair. I am a recent recruit of the natural hair movement. Where us African sisters have decided to embrace our natural locks and rock them! I have been doing it for over 2 years and I love it. The new found freedom I have with my hair is amazing. Never as an African girl did I think I would enjoy putting my hair in water. Water plus hair was a complete disaster! However, nowadays, it isn’t a big deal actually if it starts raining and I see ladies with newly retouched hair scrambling for the nearest shelter, I feel proud of my decision.

I am also torn with the topic of relationships. Not that I am any expert or anything on the matter. However there always is something to be said about love. You have to understand, when I speak of relationships, it is not only something to do with boy and girl. It has to do with all new relationships. From mother and child to sister and brother to friends. These are all relationships that we are in and need in order to survive.

In the end, I have decided to keep my blog a open flowing river between all that life has to offer. From love to fashion to hair to politics. These are all aspects of my life and would love to keep sharing with all of you. So despite the chaos that is Sheznitt, do cope with me. I am a book with various chapters, who knows, I might one day decide the main topic of the blog. But for now., keep up with me.

Rihanna Pushes Boundaries In Fashion By Exposing Nipples!


Rihanna stunned everyone on the see through barely there dress she wore to the CFDA Awards. She didnt leave much to the imagination. Jaws dropped as she fearlessly walked through the press, well postured in her interview to press and ‘twerking’ dance after she received her award. Image

The daring 26 year old is sexy however, this was a lot crazy! I knew she had the crazy eyes but she really pushed the limits here. This young lady out right walked naked! All that was left to the imagination was very little and actually, quite easy to imagine. I have always loved Rihanna, however, she wants to begin a trend we cannot accept. 

If I will go through labor to bring a child into this world, let it atleast be a bikini wearing earth! I would not be happy if the fashion trends encourage people to show their private areas hidden. C’mon guys, lets leave that to the bedroom. 

Anyway, i bow down to this no-fearing girl. Guess that’s what got her there.. :O


Westgate attack : Until we meet again

westgate mall attack

It is with complete sadness and regret that I write this post today. My wonderful, developing country of Kenya has been set back drastically by the disgusting Westgate Mall attack that happened over the last weekend. It was like a movie scene as the terrorists entered and killed over 60 innocent civilians and injured over 200.

This is the worst hit our country has faced since the bomb blast in 1998  but at least that ended immediately. In this case these guys have taken an unknown number of hostages and sporadically shooting out their issues. So unlike the movies we watch with a happy ending, these are serious killers with no fear of death.

The most terrifying thing of all was that I was supposed to be at the mall. My job had an activation there to promote our online shopping site (this should be the best bet for us since no more malls! www.jumia.co.ke )however I had opted not to go. I don’t even think my family can deal with another Kenyan terrorist attack like the one we faced last year that my sister was involved in.  Although  my fellow workmates were there and had to experience the nightmare.

It sends chills down my spine to know what could have happened had I been there. Just one decision in your life can kill you or save you. My friends opted to hide under the table which was the best option because all the people around them were shot dead. My other colleague was shot twice and left for dead. However, the bullets didn’t hit any major organs and so he had to pretend he was dead for four hours! Can you believe lying amongst dead people on the cold floor as you slowly loose blood? The attackers would walk by as he bled in a pool of corpses.

With all the various horror stories flooding our media and heads, so many questions come up. What really happened to the hostages? When will there next attack be? Will this ever end?

I send my hearts out to all the families affected. You will be comforted through this and have faith your loved one is asleep in peace ready to be awoken one day.

What’s going on??


Hey fellow bloggers,

today, i write this blog with dissapointment and disgustin my tone. It seems as though there is some sick beahavior that has beed occuring in the Kenyan news lately that is very distrubing. BESTIALITY!

Yes, this has become quite a popular occurrence in Kenya. The first major case happened when a group of women in our city of Mombasa were found making videos, under the directions of a white man, having sex with dogs. yes, that is an actual market. There are people out there whose search engine history actually have the words “dogs f*kn women”.

Then last night, on the evening news, there was a man who was found by his own son having sex with a chicken! The chicken was so shocked by what was happening to it that it died, the poor chicken actually died. It is definitely in a better place now.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. What is happening to society? people want to watch dogs, horses and all other animals having sex with a woman. that is a whole other level of perversion. If you think such acts turn you on, you are one seriously twisted and sick individual who should seek help immediately.

Well the world is definitely heading somewhere bad and we are heading there fast. For all the people who partake in the bestiality acts, I will continue praying for you and hope you re able to stop


Happy Saturday yal! Stay safe and healthy! Most importantly, if you have any urges, get the help from a person and not an animal!

Why it is not yet time for Mandela

ImageThis is a sensitive topic and I will therefore try my best to be caring about it. My heart does go out to Mandela’s family and country as well. He truly is a great man and his legacy will live on for generations to come.

A lot of speculation is being said about the condition of Mandela and that he is already dead. The 94 year old man with a lung infection is truly on his death bed. It is so sad that the whole world is just waiting for the announcement. Many reporters and journalists are being referred to as vultures as they camp outside the hospital waiting for the announcement.

However, what would be the reason for them extending this great man’s misery and keep him on machines longer than he needs to be? I believe it is because of the Obama visit that is to come soon. Just think, if Mandela was to die, that would be the biggest news! It would overshadow Obamas visit by far. Thus forgetting the reason why he visited in the first place, which is to prove to the world that relations between Africa and the United States are good.

Well this theory is yet to be proven. Obama is currently in Tanzania then he will go down to South Africa. I f things go according to plan, Mandela should pass away some time on Saturday. This is a sad fact, however, if you watch 24, fixer or any other political drama, you must know they really hide a lot from the public.

Guess only time will tell.