My Weekend In Nanyuki

The weekend of 11th – 13th  Decemeber 2015 was completely awesome. I turned 26 and to mark this major turn in my life, I decided to head for Nanyuki with my boyfriend.

We had the whole weekend planned to stay in a hotel named Leisure Gardens, all thanks to this amazing site we discovered Jovago. (This site is amazing, you can search the location you want to go an it has various hotels. Even better is that there is a discount for first time users:)

I got out work abit early on Friday so as to be able to hit the road and make it in time. Nanyuki is about 3 hours drive from Nairobi so together with Chebet (the name my boyfriend named his Subaru WRX) we were on our way!


The festive season is just about to begin so the police checks on the way are numerous. The fact that we were in a flashy Subaru dint help us either. We spend about three hundred shillings paying police men who requested to get something for ‘sikukuu’. It was outright bullying, however, that’s just how life is when you live in a corruption driven country.

We finally arrived at our destination at around 7 pm. We arrived and got into our hut. I name it that as it was exactly like a hut, everything in one room, and i mean everything!! This was going to be the weekend where there would be no more secrets between my boyfriend and I.

After unpacking, we headed to the restaurant and had some dinner and drinks.The next morning we were read to go around the town. After our breakfast, we headed out.

One of the coolest spots you must stop by is Sportsmans Arms. They have the discoteque, restaurant and pool. All the things you need to enjoy yourself in Kenya.

Here we had quite a number of drinks, and had a great time. It was quite hilarious to note that we blacked out at midnight! Age is really catching up with me! If it was 5 years ago, we would’ve partied till the break of dawn!!

On Sunday, we had our breakfast and enjoyed playing some pool and hiking in Leisure Gardens and after that hit the road back home.

I would like to thank Tim for an amazing weekend and Jovago, none of it would have been possible without your awesome offers.




Friday is the Best Day To Bank

The feeling is relaxed and the mood is excited. The ladies are dressed in their short mini’s and the men have their ties loosened up.


Everyone can smell the weekend and if your lucky, the sun is shining. My journey to the bank today is to apply for a car loan. Oh yes, you read me right! I want to get a car.. yeah! Well, Kenya has kinda pushed many people to this move. They have increased the tax for any cars coming into the country. So imagine, if you are interested in buying a Toyota Vitz, which is normally Ksh. 650,000 for a new model (second hand really) you now just add a whole Ksh. 200,000 to that! that is now Ksh. 850,000!!

For a middle class girl, trying to make it, that 800gees is ALOT! then you have to include the insurance, fixing the car and all the other expenses. Therefore i have come to the decision of getting a car at this point. Seeing as I have been aiming at saving the Ksh, 600000 th last 2 years. If i wait again to get 800,000, i will be saving all my life!

And so, I have come to my bank, Chase to ask for  loan. An “unsecured loan” to be exact. This words have been drilled into my head by my boyfriend to make sure there are no mistakes when i get there. This is the first time I am undertaking a venture like this. I mostly use my bank just for keeping my money. Using the ATM whenever I need the cash, but now, I am actually using their services. I feel so mature:)

I speak to the lady an she advises me on the best options and ways to get my loan

PS: Interest rates have increased! The Central Bank of Kenya have increased them. What causes these changes, could anyone enlighten me?

I was ready to spend my whole morning in the bank, however, I am actually one quite fast. The bank was quick to answer any of my queries and I am on my way to work much earlier than I wanted.

I am now on my way to becoming a car owner 😀

Friday’s are definitely the best day to go to the bank.








Kim Kardashian’s Revealing Photo Shoot – Classy or Slutty?

My Facebook news feed has been filled with Kim Kardashian photos she took in Paper magazine. She really is looking for some attention by exposing her trademark derriere.









She has left nothing to the imagination as she completely exposed her front and back in this photo shoot with Jean-Paul Goude, see the pics here.

Well perhaps I am old fashioned and believe the sexy pin-up pose that is sexy but still leaves some to the imagination is always the best. Well I know the guys and girls as well are l really getting a load of these pics. I think a new mother to a little angel shouldn’t be out there exposing her body for all to see. I also don’t see how Kanye can be cool with this, now we see what all the fuss is about and well, its just a butt. She is still quite popular so I don’t think she needed to go to this level.

What do you guys think out there? Are these pictures classy or slutty? Tell me what you think below. 

5 Shocking Celebrity Break-ups of September 2014


  1. Wiz khalifa and Amber Rose











*EYE ROLL* after one year of marriage and one child, this 2 have called it splits. Amber cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the couple’s split, according to TMZ. Amber wants full legal and physical custody of their son, Sebastian, 1, but she will allow Wiz to have visitation rights. If I was to give my 2 cents, I think she got what she wanted from him, a child. Now for at least 18 years she is sorted.

Watch him here jumping for joy hours before the news of their break up got out>>>

  1. Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo









Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo have split. According to E! News, their breakup was mutual, but they still care very deeply for each other and will remain in each other lives as friends. Perhaps Jason saw some big booties and just kept wondering how they got in the jeans. WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE.

  1. Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez











First off, what??!! I didn’t even know these two were a pair. But it is Zac and if I was in Hollywood I would track him down! Anyway it seems no longer are they a pair. Zac, holla at sheznitt 😉

4.      Future and Ciara


I am quite disappointed in this pair. She just gave birth to a baby boy and they have already called it quits?? Ciara allegedly discovered that Future had been having an affair with his stylist. Really when she is sitted at home breastfeeding your child. Anyway guys, Ciara is back, maybe after 2 years when her son is abit older though. Anyway Ciara, all the best girl, you will find somebody better.

5.     Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey


After TMZ broke the story, Nick Cannon quickly confirmed there was “trouble in paradise” and that the couple had been living apart. I am not at all surprised at this as I think Mariah is a complete DIVA! She must be very hard to live with. Anyway I think she got all she wanted from the union, babies. Will Nick still survive on Real Husbands of Hollywood now? Let’s see. The bigger question however, what will he do with the huge tattoo on his back??












Did any of these celebrity break ups shock you? Comment below.


Till next time, take care :*

Rihanna &Meagan Good Nude Pics Released!

Today I woke up to the shocking news about these two sexy women. I don’t understand first off why they were posing naked. I mean in our digital age, where nothing is private anymore, why?? Even I wouldn’t show my face if i am to pose nude, and i am the least famous person out there!

Meagan Good responded by saying that the pics were meant for her husband, bet she has learned her lesson now. No more sex skyping girl! Leave those private matters in the bedroom. As for Rihanna, I don’t know what to say. She has always been proud of her body and we have seen it various times so this is just any other day for her. If you want to see these pics, click here.

My question to you, would you pose nude? Have you ever sent naked pics of yourself? I would love to hear from you.

Until next time, take care :*

Nicki Minaj Anaconda Parody Gets Major Laughs!

Hahahaha!! I just cant. Love this parody of the Anaconda song. Seems I am not the only one who finds the whip cream scene totally unrelated and unnecessary.

Check it out..


Did it make you laugh? Do you like it? I would love to hear from you. Comment below.

Kenyan Gay Movie To Be Released

Stories of our lives   being gay in Kenya   The National   CBC Player

I have just watched this interview between these three openly gay Kenyans and I am in awe. The guts and commitment it has taken them to step up and speak out this issue is brave to say the least.

The movie, ‘Story of our lives’ seems like it can be really interesting and is a nominee in the Toronto Film Festival. I know of many people who have been gay from high school and are still hiding it. This movie now tells of their stories.

Well I personally am no homosexual enthusiast however I do commend these three young people for doing what many people fear to. Also achieving what film making is all about, persuading, informing and entertaining the society.

I would want to watch this film and wish this trio the best in their endeavors. Check out their interview here.