Is incest normal???

I am currently watching a series called Billy and Billie, its quite weird as it centers around a step sibling couple. They try their best to show us how in love they are and yet they were raised together when their parents found love.

They were in their preteen years. Well call me old fashioned but i dont think thats normal.  They both call their parents ‘mum and ‘dad’ while they both harboured sexual feeling for each other. That is some weirdo shit. Then i also watched a British show called ‘Him’ which is also circling around that plot. The mother remarrys and her new husband has a daughter about the same age as her son. Like any normal hormone raging boy, he develops a crush on her.
Cant help but think of my own situation.  i am currently about to have a child on my own. The inevitable will definitely happen where  myself and/or my babys father will move on. I will get an amazing man. Mature and responsible, confident enough to love me and my child.
However, what if he has a child of his own? What if they are close in age? What if they develop a crush on each other?? 😷

Then i begun telling myself, well, i just have to make sure he doesnt have any children. But is this fair to him? I already have a small selection of men to pick from and now one who wont have any strings attached??! Is it fair that i expect to be loved with my child but i cannot accept one who has one?

Well, being a parent as i learn each day is definitely riddles with many  dilemmas, questions and sacrifices.

Do you know of any step sibling couples? Are you in one?  Do you think it is normal for step siblings to find love? Share your thoughts.


32 weeks

How did we get here??  You are getting bigger each day! When does it happen? Just as i sleep you are busy stretching out my tummy and creating more space into my life, my heart, my bed.

I am about 8 weeks away from due date 😨
This is getting to be really serious!!
I havent yet even created space for your clothes although your shosho already bought you clothes.
They are so tiny , so cute, so blue.
I wonder if i should schedule another scan to see you again.

A truly wonderful experience it was the first time, something i can do over and over again!
We just got home from the convention,  thanks for being a good boy and not making me too tired.  I hope you enjoyed the singing. A change from the crazy music you are exposed to at work.
I think about labor often. I hope it wont be too bad for either of us. I want us to come to an agreement that you wonr let me suffer too much, i think you are in the right position,  so please just make it a short experience. I have done my part, swimming, walking,  please let it  be smooth and natural.  🙏

You move quite frequently now. Powerful kicks, twitches and nudges. I really cannot ignore you now.

Neither can anybody else!!

Week 18

I am starting to feel you more and more everyday.
I have told my immediate family members and they are excited as ever to meet you
Curious to know your sex 😜

I have begun taking vitamins and i hope this will only help you get bigger and stronger
I want to make sure to stay fit so as to make sure you get out as fast as possible (make it easier for both of us)
I get excited to feel u move everyday
You move alot especially when am driving on a bumpy road, do you think am playing with you 😜

I hope i will be able to make your life worth it
Coz life is amazing as long as you make the right decisions.


The End

I met him while our eyes were innocent
We kissed while our lips were still plump
We hugged when our arms were so strong
And we laughed like none could do wrong

But soon the excitement faded
The good times felt bleak
Love became downgraded
No longer something i wanted to seek

His words changed in tone
And his eyes darker by the day
He received more attention than he had known
And he loved it in every way

The smiles and memories all seemed ro fade away
The love we once had became so distant
And just like the times we live in now,
We were facing the end.

Now i loathe all the time wasted on something that wasn’t taken seriously
I cry for my wounded heart
And i pray for guidance on this new path

I had forgotten how it feels to be alone
Relying on somebody else for my own happiness
Though come to think of it
I couldve been alone all along…

kids dont do drugs.. just briefly in college;)


today as i was driving to work the radio played ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston and informed us how the song was played as she was leaving the church on the day of her burial. i bet she never in a million years, when she was writing that song did the thought cross her mind of being rolled out in her coffin to her greatest hit of all time!. then again maybe she did as she was a frequent cocaine and marijuana* user.being introduced to drugs by her boyfriend (Bobby Brown) years ago, the two must’ve had a good time enjoying the erotic high feeling they would get from the drugs. made her crazy enough to actually agree to be in that crazy ‘being Bobby Brown’ show. (haven’t watched many of them as don’t think they have been shown here but from the short clips i see n hear.. it must be a crazy show!)


i also recently watched the E true Hollywood story of Amy Winehouse who is another tragic case of drugs. i was shocked to learn that she was also introduced to drugs by her long time boyfriend. its so surprising to learn that these successful women were pressured into drugs by their men which eventually led to their downfall.

Imageso i am not putting the blame 100% on the men, but its just sad to see their downfall right infront of us as you can jus google and find hundreds of awful pictures of these women and just a few where they look good and those look ancient!

what i am trying to get at is if you are going to do drugs, its not fair to force or encourage it for others. do not pressure anyone to do anything that you know is wrong and could hurt someone else. i never get how some people have such a good time derailing people all the time. “ah, c’mon its not that addictive,” or “jus do it once today” “our sex will be great when we are both high” bla bla bla… when you go to jump off the cliff,(figuratively speaking) do it on your own and don’t drag anyone down with you. if you think smoking weed looks cool and you want to try it, do it on your own or find someone/group of people with similar interests.. but don’t go spoiling some body else’s child.. its not right.

sheznitt out!

*marijuana use causes deep meditation of the past, present and future (sounds real cool if you read this with a Jamaican accent.hehe)



the news last night was very.. being an up and coming journalist, i watch the news..:p but anyway there is this whole stir in Kenya because of the discovery of oil in Turkana. so get this, Turkana is one of the arid and poorest regions in our country. you know most of the big bellied, rib cage showing pictures you see form Africa are from Turkana sort of areas.Image

then this UK based company, Towell or something comes along, drills approx. 2500m into the ground and discovers oil..?? i tell you one of the ironies of life. now people are excited thinking that this means we are the next Libya or Nigeria.. well i wouldnt go to that extent just yet but it is quite awesome. now if the oil is any good, infrastructure must be built in that area ASAP thus creating jobs and riches for us.

well as a look at life as the glass half full kind of girl, i hope this all goes well and helps improve some lives in the region. i tell you, Africa truly is the motherland.. where else do you stumble on oil in you’re deserted backyard??

VIVA AFRIQUE!!  zaminamina eh eh wakawaka eh eh…

skin colour… its all in our head!!

Imagei had a very interesting night yesterday. i was hanging out with a group of Finnish ladies and obviously the topic of complexion came up. i am and always have been  a light skinned African girl (most Kikuyu’s here are) and these girls seemed amazed at my complexion. they were talking of how they rarely have any sunlight there and are usually white as snow! so when they come down to Africa, they just bask in the sun all day. they were quite tan as they have been here a while and were so amazed that our complexions were close. as in ecstatic! this was not the first time i have experienced this as with my white “special friend” has told me more than once that girls in the Netherlands would die for my complexion. then i think of here where every time when you walk down the streets of Nairobi, you must spot a dark skinned girl with white make up / powder that just makes her look nothing less than a clown!

this discovery  has just completely proved the fact that humans are insatiable! i actually think it is impossible for a person to be 100% happy with any situation there is. no matter what, we will always find faults. we must learn to appreciate what we have and stop being such brats! the black skin is beautiful and the black acts as a protection from the harshness of the African sun and the paleness.. well there just isn’t much sun up there.  knowing this i think we should try to appreciate what we have got as there will ALWAYS be someone on the other side seeing your grass as so green!!

it is hard being imperfect:/ we need to enjoy the variety in the rainbow of different colors we all posses in this world. its a gift from God.. in case we got bored..