I Love Netflix!!

If you keep your ear to the streets, then you know that Netflix is now in Kenya.

I am super excited about this, as I have always love Netflix shows. For example, Orange is the new Black, Archer and Blue Mountain State.  Next to HBO, I am always sure not to get disappointed with their productions. So when I hear that they had opened their site in Kenya, i thought it was awesome an  I had to see it for myself.

I was excited to learn that their prices werent so high as we have always expected with Americam TV. Their offers run from $5 to $9. I choose the $7 which is about Ksh. 1000 a month. Not too bad. I quickly sign up and begin watching.

I get so excited to see all the various shows. From Weeds, Narcos, Archer and new shows I didn’t even know about; Marco Polo, Beast of a Nation and Master if None. First thing I am watching is Narcos, even though the subtitles are exhausting, I have to find out about Pablo Escobar.

I have been using it for the past week. Here are some of the pros and cons of Netflix;


  • Latest shows
  • Money reaches the actual creators of the shows
  • Always good copies in HD
  • can watch on phone


  • Must have high speed internet, preferably WiFi
  • You will not find all the shows you expect

I cannot think of any other cons, can you? Tell me whatever they can be below.

So if you haven’t yet gotten Netflix, I recommend that you do, and quite pirating things!!



Pitter patter go the little children footsteps.

Giggle giggle laughs the innocent child.

Knowing no enemy, only friends. Giving openly and freely to a smiling face. Blushing and chuckling at any small game.

Innocence is the name of the game. the origin of even the meanest and toughest thug.

it it slowly washed away by the hardness and reality of life. Shredding away like a scar that was once present.

Little children, hold on to innocence because once its gone not even the creator Himself can etch it back.

– x – x – x-

( i )

Tick tock. went my grandfather clock. Always screaming the burning of time.

Time. What is time? Nothing but the slicing down of each breathe of life. Be it a milisecond, second or hour.

But who is to slice it down? Know how many more breathes we ought. It even seems odd that they are even timed.

Nowonder I remember the words in the Holy book;

“Our days are numbered but whoever does the will of God lives forever!”

“They say love is in the air, so I hold my breath till my face turns purple!”

I often sit and think of the concept of soul mate. Is there really that one person in the world, who was born at the right time, and will at some point cross paths with you. Well with the laws of relativity, it’s quite unexplainable. Wouldn’t it be much easier to jus join up the kids in the labor ward nursery? Haha! But I have had my fair share of boyfriends and quite frankly I am tired. No longer am I thinking of this romantic idea where a man comes and sweep me off my feet, because well, that’s realistic, and quite frankly, not safe! Movies are the biggest factor leading to this, the create a vision of perfection, where no matter what; there is always a happy ending. But we forget that they are making millions from us. So they have to show us what we want.

So my advice to the women out there, please just live your life for yourself. Don’t forget your goals or amend them to make some man happy. At the end of the day, blood is thicker than water, and love is but a passing cloud.

Well, only if you’re the exceptionJ

*the exception to what you ask? Next weeks rant!!

the rain goes on but love conquers all..

hello blog world!!! its been a minute!

life is still complicated as ever.. my sister was recently affected by some bomb attacks in Nairobi and it has really rocked our world! literally!! she has been in hospital for the last three weeks and has been reduced to a walking using a walker. she has her low moments but she will get through it and i know she will emerge stronger than ever!

it just made me realize how much of a bubble most of society lives in. we live our days, complaining on what now seems to be the most minute thing. sure i understand that we cant always be depressed beings, but there is something that just isnt right. this is not how things r meant to be.

a the end of the day, we must live life to the fullest, everyday like its your last.. but we mustn’t forget the bigger picture and appreciate the fact that we are able to get up every morning and breathe. a privilege we often take for granted.

as for my sister in hospital, i know she will come out of this very tough time she is experiencing a soldier that she is! after the rain appears a beautiful rainbow to remind us of Gods love. LOVE YOU CIKU!!!Image

blame it on the weatherman

Tick tock. All she could hear was the ticking sound of the clock. Mariam had always promised herself to get a digital and finally end the misery of her having to listening to the annoying sound but she never got round to it. There she sat again, listening to it as she tried to fall asleep on the couch, ‘I can’t believe he’s not come to check up on me!’ she muttered to herself. ‘I,m really done this time!’ she promised herself.

She had been down this road before, but the hurt she felt deep in her heart was a new feeling. “It was an informal business meeting” the words kept revisiting her mind over and over again. This seemed like the fiftieth time he was going for a business or late meeting and ended up in a fight. But now as with the Swahili culture, a man could never sleep on the couch and since he is not the one who had a problem, Mariam would be the one to sleep on the couch. She gets up and slowly tip toes her way to the bathroom. As she is heading there, she hears Ashraf on the phone. She leans closer to the door and hears him saying ‘I love you too’ then hangs up. This is it. he has really done it this time.

Not only was Ashraf the man of her youth, the only man she has ever known and promised to know, but now he is wasting that away with some cheap hookers he meets in the workplace? He was not going to get away with it this time. She felt her body tense and she begins to shake. Mariam stormed in the room,

“You cheating bastard!” she yelled, “who is she? I have heard you!! Today is the day I will leave you Ashraf!”

Miriam was no longer herself; she had taken on another personality. Shetan as Ashraf would often call her, that’s what she felt like and he knew she had become. Ashraf remained calm in the bed, looking at her with an indifferent gaze that she loathed. “Baby, take a look at my phone” he said gesturing for her to take the phone. Miriam stormed towards the bed and grabbed the phone. Punching the buttons she immediately went to dialed calls. Mum. That was the most recent call on the list. She felt her body immediately relax. She looks up at him and realizes that its her hormones that made her act that way. “baby, I am so sorry. I don’t know what comes over me some times.” “Must be PMS” he immediately responds, “My mom thinks you could be having severe ca…” Ashraf stops mid way due to the angry look Miriam is giving him. “Just come to bed babez” he pleads as he uncovers the bed, let’s just blame it on the weatherman this time.”

kids dont do drugs.. just briefly in college;)


today as i was driving to work the radio played ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Houston and informed us how the song was played as she was leaving the church on the day of her burial. i bet she never in a million years, when she was writing that song did the thought cross her mind of being rolled out in her coffin to her greatest hit of all time!. then again maybe she did as she was a frequent cocaine and marijuana* user.being introduced to drugs by her boyfriend (Bobby Brown) years ago, the two must’ve had a good time enjoying the erotic high feeling they would get from the drugs. made her crazy enough to actually agree to be in that crazy ‘being Bobby Brown’ show. (haven’t watched many of them as don’t think they have been shown here but from the short clips i see n hear.. it must be a crazy show!)


i also recently watched the E true Hollywood story of Amy Winehouse who is another tragic case of drugs. i was shocked to learn that she was also introduced to drugs by her long time boyfriend. its so surprising to learn that these successful women were pressured into drugs by their men which eventually led to their downfall.

Imageso i am not putting the blame 100% on the men, but its just sad to see their downfall right infront of us as you can jus google and find hundreds of awful pictures of these women and just a few where they look good and those look ancient!

what i am trying to get at is if you are going to do drugs, its not fair to force or encourage it for others. do not pressure anyone to do anything that you know is wrong and could hurt someone else. i never get how some people have such a good time derailing people all the time. “ah, c’mon its not that addictive,” or “jus do it once today” “our sex will be great when we are both high” bla bla bla… when you go to jump off the cliff,(figuratively speaking) do it on your own and don’t drag anyone down with you. if you think smoking weed looks cool and you want to try it, do it on your own or find someone/group of people with similar interests.. but don’t go spoiling some body else’s child.. its not right.

sheznitt out!

*marijuana use causes deep meditation of the past, present and future (sounds real cool if you read this with a Jamaican accent.hehe)