New Years In South Coast!!!!

My friends and I planned an amazing 6 night trip to Diani. This was going to be the best new years for me in a loong time. With Jovago, we booke our stay at Ritam Getawayy. The cottages are located in Ukunda, abit far from all the action in Diani, however, we had rented a car for our stay. We decided to travel at night so as to avoid traffic.We left Nairobi at midnight and arrived a Mombasa at 9 am 30th December.

The hotel had amazing little cottages that we each stayed in. The decor was amazing and the environment very relaxing.


New Years

For our new yes, I pictured it on the beach. No matter the party, it had to be on the beach. I completely adore the beach. the feel of the sand between your feet and the warm wind against your skin, just melts away any stress you may have.

So we all planned to have it in forty thieves.


We made into the place by 12 am!! Happy new year!! 2016 here we come!

Marine Park

Another activity that you must do while on the beach is visit the marine park. A few kilometers from the shore, is the park. There you actually swim with the fish. The experience was truly unforgettable.


We were then taken to an island in the middle of the ocean. We quickly wrote our names in the sand 🙂

Shout out

My Sony Xperia Z1 Before I conclude this blog, i must mention my phone. I enjoyed my time taking underwater photos i  the pool. Although i wasnt able to do it in the ocean, the thought of it slipping through my hands into the vast depths of the ocean was too much for me to imagine. However, in the pool, i had alot of fun.


That was my new year for 2016. Take me back!!

How was your new years??