Letter to my Baby Daddy


When you closed off your heart to me, you ended our relationship so casually and so callously. In the time since, my hours have been consumed trying to separate the you I knew, or thought I knew, with the decision you took to close the door on myself and our unborn child so decidedly. I wonder what you meant the countless times you spoke of ‘values and principles’. Are these just words you heard on tv and thought wow, this are the best words to woo a girl. And with them, woo me u did. I valued those words when you said them to me, i believed you were right for me, the right companion through thick and thin. And as days turned into months, and months into years, i believed you trusted me as much as i did you, and you valued me in your life.

When i look back at your behavior,  i realize i was trying to stay in love with a man who was busy falling out of love. I wish you wouldve let me know, then i wouldn’t be in the situation i find myself in. I thought u cared for me genuinely. I asumed you thought of our future together and would want to protect that vision. But it seems i was jus an experiment,  a conquest for u to cross off your list as you move on. I always believed a real relationship sprung from history and devotion. But now seems your devotion is to a life you built behind my back.

I don’t know the what led you here, the thought processes meandering through your head like tributaries to the ocean, all taking us to this final fact: your apathy.  I won’t know if you lay awake in the small hours justifying your decision to yourself. My own thoughts have taken me to a more rational understanding that, for the majority, the necessity of making such a decision will happen only once in your life, if at all. If you choose to absolve yourself of all knowledge of me behind your emotional laziness, i cannot force u. The man who said would be my companion but now treats me like a burden of a woman with a even bigger problem growing in her belly.

Having consulted my own male friends, many of whom are fathers themselves, I take some level of comfort in knowing that they understand your behaviour but cannot justify it. Which leads me to my next question: what do your own friends think? Do you think I put this on myself? Does the fact that your close relatives are coparenting make you dismiss the idea of giving us a try?  is it pride that snatched you away from me or pure meanness? Was i so blind to the fact that you didnt care for me? So dumb that i gave my body over and over again to someone who didnt appreciate it at all?

You complained to me how i made you cry, once!  As if your tears are never to be shed, they must be packed in their ducts until death. Well, you may be glad to know that i cry almost every day. People may like to think its hormones but i know what it is. Hurt, anger, sadness and mostly betrayal. Such intense emotions i never thought you would let linger in my heart. So deep that they scare me, but I believe they act as a protection for me.

Time and again your face swims to the fore of my mind and floors me. What are you doing and who are you with? I wonder if you’re with another woman now, someone who will know nothing of me and your baby and the history we have shared. Are you rolling over in bed, sleepily snuggling close to her whilst, down the road, I lie awake, alone, with our baby kicking so furiously into my soft belly. Does she know just how quickly you dismiss your heart and everything that goes on in it?

Now that we arent together i still want you to check on me from time to time. I want you to know and to understand the reality of life for me now that i have a growing belly. The look of worry and sadness my mother gives me as she knows how hard this journey will be for me alone. The hurt I feel in my heart when she asks me if you have called to check up on how i am doing and the baby and i must respond with a painful no. The knowing glances from the midwives on clinic visits, now that you’ve forcibly put me into that stigmatised bracket, the hated demographic of ‘the single mother.’ Those boxes on the forms I never thought I’d have to tick, the debate as to whether I will put you on the birth certificate.

I know you will never receive the bitter, biting comments that I do, the blunt inference of promiscuity and irresponsibility. Though I know it’s not your fault, that it’s indicative of society’s ingrained perceptions of women and sexuality , I wonder, if the tables were turned, if I walked away from my baby after birth to leave you picking up the pieces of my selfishness and flagrant disregard for others, a mewling baby in tow, would you be treated the same? Would your aunties raise their unkind eyebrows at your irresponsibility? Would your friends mutter slyly to each other that perhaps you should have used a condom? I suspect that you would be lauded a hero, a magnanimous human being who took on the responsibility of parenting alone with no complaint.

Most of all, though, I think about the impact of your choice on the life of our baby. I worry endlessly about the space you will leave behind, what your absence will create in this child and what it will take away. The thought of our son or daughter, aged five, asking where daddy is and why doesn’t he come to watch the swimming gala, haunts me daily. That when I think of how her history, her sense of belonging and her identity will only ever be half sketched I’m filled with a level of rage towards you that I never thought possible in meek, mild me. The wonderful, human parts of you, your patient, gentle kindness loyalty like when you massaged my back when i had painful cramps or always showed up for me to pick or drop me from somewhere. Will my parenting, my character, and the fierce love I already feel for this child, ever compensate for the bits they wont be able to take from the beautiful parts of you?

I want you to know that your absence is felt even though you think because the baby isnt here your not already a father. That I will do this because I have to and based on my principles, i couldn’t kill our child conceived out of love. But it hurts to know you are so close, yet so far. Always so quick to dismiss me when only a few months ago i couldn’t sleep without telling you good night. Now as you weigh your options in your burdened world, I am empowered by how i feel. I am proud to be a woman and wouldn’t trade these flutters in my tummy for anything.

My conscience is clean, how is yours?


5 Shocking Celebrity Break-ups of September 2014


  1. Wiz khalifa and Amber Rose











*EYE ROLL* after one year of marriage and one child, this 2 have called it splits. Amber cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the couple’s split, according to TMZ. Amber wants full legal and physical custody of their son, Sebastian, 1, but she will allow Wiz to have visitation rights. If I was to give my 2 cents, I think she got what she wanted from him, a child. Now for at least 18 years she is sorted.

Watch him here jumping for joy hours before the news of their break up got out>>>

  1. Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo









Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo have split. According to E! News, their breakup was mutual, but they still care very deeply for each other and will remain in each other lives as friends. Perhaps Jason saw some big booties and just kept wondering how they got in the jeans. WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE.

  1. Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez











First off, what??!! I didn’t even know these two were a pair. But it is Zac and if I was in Hollywood I would track him down! Anyway it seems no longer are they a pair. Zac, holla at sheznitt 😉

4.      Future and Ciara


I am quite disappointed in this pair. She just gave birth to a baby boy and they have already called it quits?? Ciara allegedly discovered that Future had been having an affair with his stylist. Really when she is sitted at home breastfeeding your child. Anyway guys, Ciara is back, maybe after 2 years when her son is abit older though. Anyway Ciara, all the best girl, you will find somebody better.

5.     Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey


After TMZ broke the story, Nick Cannon quickly confirmed there was “trouble in paradise” and that the couple had been living apart. I am not at all surprised at this as I think Mariah is a complete DIVA! She must be very hard to live with. Anyway I think she got all she wanted from the union, babies. Will Nick still survive on Real Husbands of Hollywood now? Let’s see. The bigger question however, what will he do with the huge tattoo on his back??












Did any of these celebrity break ups shock you? Comment below.


Till next time, take care :*

Kenyan music videos moving ahead!!

This video is called ‘kipepeo’ which means butterfly in Swahili. The artist is saying how he feels like a butterfly every time he is with his lady love. That he doesn’t walk, but he flies like a butterfly. Yeah i know, quite a cliche song but the reason why i am posting it, is because of the quality of the video. Upon seeing it the first time, I didn’t think it was Kenyan.  I love how they show the streets of Nairobi in a real positive and attractive light.

I think African (Kenyan because Nigerians are already ahead of us) music video quality is really moving ahead.
Good job!

“They say love is in the air, so I hold my breath till my face turns purple!”

I often sit and think of the concept of soul mate. Is there really that one person in the world, who was born at the right time, and will at some point cross paths with you. Well with the laws of relativity, it’s quite unexplainable. Wouldn’t it be much easier to jus join up the kids in the labor ward nursery? Haha! But I have had my fair share of boyfriends and quite frankly I am tired. No longer am I thinking of this romantic idea where a man comes and sweep me off my feet, because well, that’s realistic, and quite frankly, not safe! Movies are the biggest factor leading to this, the create a vision of perfection, where no matter what; there is always a happy ending. But we forget that they are making millions from us. So they have to show us what we want.

So my advice to the women out there, please just live your life for yourself. Don’t forget your goals or amend them to make some man happy. At the end of the day, blood is thicker than water, and love is but a passing cloud.

Well, only if you’re the exceptionJ

*the exception to what you ask? Next weeks rant!!

confessions of a commitment phobe!


so m feeling all romantic today.. could be due to this boy i have been seeing for the last… cant believe almost a year! he really rocks my world.. tho this is the only place i will EVER admit that to.lol. he is a Dutchman come to work in Kenya.. temporarily…..??

honestly speaking, i have never felt this way about anyone before, probably because i never let anybody in (thus calling myself a commitment phobe..;)) but i always believed that  when the right person comes by they would automatically fall. well i am still on the journey of completely letting my walls down but i cant help but feel scared as hell to do so. what if i give him my all then he goes back home and i am just some conquest he had ..and enjoyed, in Africa? what if i catch him in bed with a girl? what if hes a closeted gay??l what if our worlds are too different for us to handle? he goes to a different church than me..?? what if he doesnt feel the same way? but then when i look into his eyes, and we kiss.. i just… don’t want to think but just be.. with him… for the moment.  never did i ever think i would be looking up mushy quotes so that i can feel as though i am not the only one to feel this way. but i need to confess something to him…


Guys… Know When It is TMI and keep it in your mouth..!!

so i have finished my weekly internship assignment so i have a bit of time to rant n rave. today when i was coming here i was jus thinkin bout relationships. some time back my neighbor, a cool guy we hang out wit AS FRIENDS invited me for a party. him being such a friend t me asked me to even bring some friends for the thing. i quickly accepted as it ws quite a dull saturday. now with me having crazy friends, they came like a million of them! (i may b exaggerating a bit;) n finished all the little drinks the guy had prepared. i am telling you it ws a sad sight.

he actually thought something would go down that night after he has told me all about his freaky sexual encounters with a gazillion girls. (again wit the exaggerating) but it got me thinking. do guys really think that you are attractive to a girl after airing out all your dirty laundry to her??? there is another guy i have met at internship, i would think we are pretty good friends but he keeps telling me some stories about him n girls in the past n i jus dont want to hear that. now he sends me kisses n smiley faces..?? i jus think, ok now i will jus be one of those girls being talked about to the next girl. i jus dont like it. so before u open ure mouth to someone you are interested in, think!! no matter what you hear, first impressions do matter.

what are some behaviors you dont get??