What’s going on??


Hey fellow bloggers,

today, i write this blog with dissapointment and disgustin my tone. It seems as though there is some sick beahavior that has beed occuring in the Kenyan news lately that is very distrubing. BESTIALITY!

Yes, this has become quite a popular occurrence in Kenya. The first major case happened when a group of women in our city of Mombasa were found making videos, under the directions of a white man, having sex with dogs. yes, that is an actual market. There are people out there whose search engine history actually have the words “dogs f*kn women”.

Then last night, on the evening news, there was a man who was found by his own son having sex with a chicken! The chicken was so shocked by what was happening to it that it died, the poor chicken actually died. It is definitely in a better place now.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. What is happening to society? people want to watch dogs, horses and all other animals having sex with a woman. that is a whole other level of perversion. If you think such acts turn you on, you are one seriously twisted and sick individual who should seek help immediately.

Well the world is definitely heading somewhere bad and we are heading there fast. For all the people who partake in the bestiality acts, I will continue praying for you and hope you re able to stop


Happy Saturday yal! Stay safe and healthy! Most importantly, if you have any urges, get the help from a person and not an animal!